Soulful Vibe

Mama Africa offers a vibrant and authentic African experience that is made all the more magical through music. At 8 each evening a live Marimba band takes to the stage and rocks the restaurant with a variety of musical styling til late in the night.

There are three resident bands, each performing two nights a week. The core of each band are the marimbas, large wooden percussion instruments that resemble xylophones. Originally from Zimbabwe, the distinctive sounds of the marimba are now recognisable across the African music landscape. Each band has incorporated their own special ingredient to the mix, ranging from a brass section to an operatic tenor. No matter which night you choose to attend, you are guaranteed a unique and memorably entertaining outing.

For more information on the bands please visit their websites:
Abavuki :
Marimba Vibrations: only on youtube
Abakhaya: (blog with a link to you tube)

Percussion band in 'Mama Africa' Cape Town/S.A.
Justin Bieber playing with an African Band + Sexy Dance Moves (South Africa 4th of January 2011)
UNICommunicators in Mama Africa Cape Town Music and birthday
Mama África - Cape Town - Cape Studies - 2 Part
Band name Month Days Time
ABUVUKI February Monday and Saturday 20:00 - 00:30
MARIMBA VIBRATIONS February Tuesday and Wednesday 20:00 - 00:30
ABUKAYA February Thursday and Friday 20:00 - 00:30

Bands performing at Mama Africa are ABUVUKI, MARIMBA VIBRATIONS, ABUKAYA. 

Bands perform from 8pm to 12:30pm with short breaks in between.